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Why Choose Viewtech3D For Your Matterport Visualisation Project in Adelaide

Convert Spaces To Digital Twin Models Using Immersive Technology

Matterport helps Viewtech3D convert spaces into digital twins, enabling professionals such as architects, interior designers, and developers to visualise a property instantly without physically visiting it first. Therefore, workflows will be more efficient and interruptions will be fewer.

Adelaide’s Pick For Matterport Virtual Tours

In our company, you’ll find Adelaide’s best virtual tour. Customers interested in creating immersive experiences will find our immersive experiences ideal. Our highly skilled project management teams and attention to detail translates into outstanding customer service at a reasonable cost.

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Our Matterport Tour Projects

Media Integration

Integrate Photos, Videos, Animations, PDF’s, Music and even Voice overs into your tour.

High-Resolution Imagery

Present your brand in the best way possible, up to 8k imagery.

Interactive Tagging

We provide custom branded information tags for your space’s key features.

Hosting Solutions

Fast download hosting solutions for your custom tour.

Measure Your Spaces

Gauge the scale of your spaces with Matterport Tours.

VR Compatibility

Virtual Reality experiences for your office, trade fairs and commercial demonstrations.

Local Information About Adelaide

The city of Adelaide, with its thriving small-bar culture, world-class music, and art, and festival calendar equal to any in Australia, is well worth exploring. Discover its hidden laneways, enjoy the beauty of its natural surroundings, or check out one of its fine wine regions.

In Adelaide, the V8 Clipsal 500 and the WOMADelaide music festival are held annually. Among the most innovative arts festivals in the world, the Adelaide Bank Event of Arts is top-rated among festival-goers and is regarded by many as one of the best in the world.

There are several squares and streets in Adelaide’s city centre, which are well organized. It is a highly accessible area since it is a one-mile square. Kings William Street (the major thoroughfare) runs directly north to south along Victoria Square, the city’s centre.

There’s never a shortage of nature on the city’s wide boulevards, and it’s pleasantly uncrowded here. The town is surrounded by parklands, and dazzling beaches and bucolic landscapes are just a short drive from the downtown core, making it a fantastic outdoor playground for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists alike.


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Darwin LNG facility in the Northern Territory – Digital Twin Virtual Tour

Viewtech3d were able to create and implement a visualisation platform for their Darwin LNG facility in the Northern Territory.

With our experience and the use of the latest equipment (360 imagery and Laser Scanners) we were able to create a bespoke deliverable specifically targeted to the client’s needs.

The virtual tour covered all areas of the facility with high resolution imagery and Laser Scan data.

The final deliverable had an embedded interactive tagging functionality allowing for equipment, scope of works, engineering documents and videos to be inserted. Examples include hyperlinks to controlled documents (eg SAP) and time lapse videos for training and maintenance.
The point cloud scanning data was used by Engineering for the up and coming expansion project to assist with the Design and review.

A collaboration room at the Integrated Support Centre in Perth enables multi-site meetings between Perth and Darwin. This gives immediate access for Engineers and Designers across locations to visually review projects as if they were in the same room. This aids communication with visualisation when discussing existing and new projects on site which improves efficiency in the inspection and decision making process. This also creates cost saving benefits, decreases HSE risk to personnel and reducing site visit requirements.

Viewtech3D is working with Darwin LNG to continually look for more ways to create value with this tool, including using it to create a true One Team project with the Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractors.

Benefits of the Virtual Tour

  • No transit time – reduce one day site visits.
  • Better visual communication between site and office.
  • Reduced walkaround time with vendors.
  • Work-pack review
  • Accuracy of quotes
  • Ease of planning
  • 24/7 visual inspection especially in hazardous and limited access locations.


Health and Safety benefits – Virtual Tour

  • Interactive Learning
  • Site Specific Training
  • Inductions
  • Increased retention
  • 24/7 access to high risk areas restricted by weather or operations.
  • Emergency response – can review area of concern