Virtual Venue Tours Drive Bookings

Modern brides want it all.  The perfect decor, the best cake, an amazing DJ, and of course, a fantastic venue. 

The venue is often the most expensive individual segment of the budget, especially if the couple is after a package deal.  Most people will look at 50 or more venues online before calling or emailing to request more details.  Many couples schedule at least 3 venue visits before putting a deposit down.  This process is even more complicated when planning a wedding from afar. 

Wedding planning virtual tour

One of our team members was recently struggling to find a venue for her wedding, and was dismayed by the lack of information available on most venues’ websites.  There might be a few pictures from weddings or open days, but 90% of the time, the layout of the venue was unclear. Additionally, many shots just focused on one aspect of the decor.  Picturing the space as a whole was impossible.  Eventually, she was able to visit a few venues, but found that most spaces were very different than what she had pictured from her web search.

Those planning a wedding a wedding from overseas are in even more of a pickle.  With elopements and destination weddings on the rise, many foreign couples start scouting out their perfect location online, and book without having ever visited in person. 


Take all of the guesswork and frustration out of this process with a 3D tour.  The process is incredibly simple, and in a recent Google study, a virtual tour increased the likelihood of a booking by 130%.  It only takes a few hours for one of our trained technicians to come to your venue and complete the scan.  From there, your venue is available to view in many different ways 24/7.  Measurements can even be taken directly from the tour, so event planners no longer have to call or make a visit to get the exact width of a room. 

Offering this service on your website can lead to more bookings, and set the tone for an excellent professional relationship throughout the planning and event process. This can increase not only your immediate bookings, but those garnered through referrals from satisfied clients as well. 

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