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Best virtual tours, virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, Digital Twin, imaging technology services local business based in Perth Western Australia.


Specialising in high-quality 3D visualisation scanning and surveys based in Perth Australia. We support a wide range of industries including mining/oil and gas, new build visualisation for developers and existing asset inspections to provide virtual tours, digital twinn, CGI, 3D architectural rendering and 3D animation.

We create immersive virtual realtiy experiences that transport your customers or staff into a digital version of your physical assets.

Our mission is to connect people globally and allow them to experience products, spaces and assets from the comfort of their own home or office.

PERTH business awards WINNER

digital inovation/innovator of the year

What 3D Services Does Your Business Need?

Our Imaging Services

Oil & Gas | Mining | Government Utilities
Save time

Reduce project costs

Increase productivity

Better design


Builders & Property Developers

Sell properties from the plan with virtual tours

Increase sales and sale value with 3D marketing

Universities & Schools

Attract top quality students with virtual tours

Enhance education experiences with Augmented Reality (AR) and interactive content

Hotels | Restaurants | Bars | Venues

Attract customers with ease using virtual tours and 3D imagery

City Councils, NDIS Housing, Retirement Villages

Showcase local facilities online with virtual maps and tours

Help clients make quick housing choices with 3D virtual tours

Community Centres libraries, Economic Development and Community Art Awards

Showcase virtual tours on your website and social media platforms

drone inspections

Inspect your sites, assets and difficult to access areas remotely

viewtech is

reoc certified


Wow and Delight Your Customers with an Enhanced User Experience

Things are developing quickly in the virtual reality space and ViewTech3D is at the cutting edge of virtual developments and their application.

Our recent work with … and … highlights the limitless potential that is yet to be tapped by businesses in this space.


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Expand your business with 3d technologies


Make it easy for your customers to choose and purchase your different design options online.  

Viewtech3D Augmented Reality selling tool Australia

Who We Are

Australia's Partner In Digital Transformation

Viewtech3D is your creative solution to elevate the online 3D visual experience. Founded in Perth, WA 6 years ago, we have inspired companies with our innovative technology in Australia, and even across the world.

Viewtech3D is the perfect partner for businesses that are looking for a digital solution to transform business processes and customer experiences. Our innovative 3D solutions create outstanding client and customer results, from selling property off-the-plan to digitising oil and gas/mining assets, our visualisation services cover it all.

3D visualisation is a versatile and powerful tool.

Viewtech3D is a full-service 3D visualisation partner. Explore our services in detail here, including 360° virtual tours, 3D architectural renders, drone imagery, digital twin creation, and more.

Contact us with your project requirements and we will work with you to find a cost effective and tailor made solution to suit your business.


Our Solutions

Australian industry 3D IMAGING TECHNOLOGY

Make your potential buyers feel as if they are walking through your property developments from the comfort of their own homes and increase the number of its potential buyers in less time and effort.

Bring the site to the office by visualising your asset with a Virtual Twin By Laser Scanning or using high resolution imagery for an interactive visual inspection. 

With a 3D visualisation of your village you make it available for online viewing 24/7. Use our 3D services to allow your prospective clients to create an emotional connection with your village as well as highlight all the best features it has to offer.

Viewtech3D creates custom 360 Virtual Tours that give your potential students (and their parents) the ability to walk your halls, sit in your classrooms, and explore your campus from the comfort of their own homes.

Viewtech 3D creates a superior booking experience for your hotel and accommodation business by providing the most realistic 3D online representation possible and making your guests feel relaxed even before they book a night or two.

We create custom user friendly Virtual Tours and 360 drone services of your venue, restaurant or bar to show your best features and menus to attract online visitors, event planners and guests to grow your business in a shorter time with more bookings.

Enable not only those who visit in person, but also people anywhere in the world to experience your exhibitions and trade fairs with Viewtech3D’s 360 Virtual Tour services.

With Viewtech3D’s virtual tours and 3D animation services you can allow your audience to visualise and catch a glimpse of what your project will look like before its completion.

Viewtech3d has created a new immersive 3D platform to assist the government with visualising their spaces for better interactive ways of promoting local businesses, developments and attractions


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Australia's Leading 3D Service Provider

Viewtech 3D are leading imaging technology professionals who take the time to understand and plan your requirements so that your project can be completed efficiently, saving you time and money.

Our team has experience in many Australian industries which allows us to provide the imaging services you require with a quick turnaround time.


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We understand that you might still have questions and uncertainties about your project. Message us, and we can schedule a commitment-free discovery call to discuss how our team can help you with our 3D and VR services.