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Increase enrolments with ease. Show prospective students from around the world the best features of your school or university. With self-guided virtual tours, anyone can explore your campus and experience your school’s culture and classes from the comfort of their own home. 



Make your school come alive

Give your site visitors a realistic idea of what to expect when they visit your school grounds in person. By using unique Virtual Tours and 360 videos, accompanied by narrations and special effects audio, your site visitors can experience your rooms, lecture halls, and other facilities from virtually anywhere. Sharing the most awe inspiring aspects of your school or university through 3D visualisations is the best way to attract prospective students.

Increase your enrollment numbers

Make your prospective students’ enrollment decisions easier with a user-friendly Virtual Tour of your campus. You can highlight the uniqueness of your school or university in ways that make it stand out. Whether it’s the unique architecture of its buildings or your school’s prowess in academics and extracurricular activities, an interactive tour is sure to depict your school or university as the best choice for your prospective students.

Make prospective students become more comfortable with your facility

Allowing people to check out your school or university virtually will make them more comfortable and familiar. For prospective students currently living far away but looking to move into your area, a virtual tour of your school or university will help put them at ease and help them become more comfortable with the idea of applying. A virtual tour not only gives the impression that your school or university is welcoming of students but is also serious about the education it offers. Virtual tours are also perceived as high-quality, which is precisely how you want your facility portrayed.


3D Services to help almost any Business

Our Services

Our 360 Drone Photography goes above to make sure your business creates the best impression possible for your customers.

Our 360 Virtual Tours provide you with a cutting-edge marketing strategy through optimal-quality digital panoramic photography.

Reach out to us and we’re happy to discuss your needs. 

Create stunning and life-like representations of your architectural projects to create long-lasting impressions to every of your target audience.

Viewtech3D’s 3D Architectural Rendering showcases how your projects will look like even if you haven’t started building yet!

Our innovative Imaging Technology allows buyers to visualise projects right at the comfort of their homes and at the palm of their hands.

Viewtech3D 360 Photography St Georges College Perth
Viewtech3D Drone Photography
Viewtech3D VR ST Georges College Perth
Viewtech3D 360 Photography St Georges College Perth
Virtual reality tour integration Perth.

Media Integration

Integrate photos, videos, animations, PDFs, music and even voice-overs into your tour.

High-resolution virtual imaging services Perth.

High-Resolution Imagery

Present your brand in the best way possible, up to 8k imagery.

Custom branded interactive tagging in Perth virtual tours.

Interactive Tagging

We provide custom branded information tags for your space’s key features.

Fast download web hosting services for virtual tour services Perth Australia.

Hosting Solutions

Fast download hosting solutions for your custom tour.

Measure Your Spaces

Gauge the scale of your spaces with Matterport Tours.

Virtual reality tours Perth.

VR Compatibility

Virtual Reality experiences for your office, trade fairs and commercial demonstrations.


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A virtual tour gives students a sense of how large a school or university campus truly is. It also allows them to experience everything that it has to offer, including its classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, fitness centers, etc.

Our Virtual Tours are fully custom branded and scalable, they are a great SEO tool as it assists in keeping your prospective students engaged in your website for longer.


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