4 Benefits of 360 Photography for Your Properties

Imagine, from the days when you still use actual scissors to crop the photo to this innovative type of photography, 360 photography. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come, right? Technology has always been an impressive thing, it has also made everything less complicated as the world moved from taking digitised images to more options like combining landscape photos into a single image. What an upgrade!

Make your clients experience an unforgettable tour by making them feel like they are in the centre of the action. Learn more about 360 spherical photography or 360 photography and its upsides!

What is 360 photography?

360 photography is taking a 360 panoramic photo that captures all around you. It gives you an engaging and immersive experience by being able to picture yourself anywhere in the world. A 360 spherical image can take all angles and directions, offering you a more realistic view of that space.

With 360-degree photography, all the details you need can be seen in one shot.

How do you take 360 photos?

Achieve awesome images with 360 photography using a 360-degree camera. There are different cameras available in the market, and you can also use your mobile phone to create a panoramic image. An example of a 360 camera is the Aleta S2C, designed to take ultra-high-resolution 360-degree photos.

Hiring a professional photographer is an option to achieve 360 photos. They usually use a DSLR camera to take overlapping shots, and then photo stitching will be done using panorama stitching software. On the other hand, you can also use your smartphone to create 360 images by downloading an app.

Top Benefits of Using 360 Photography for Your Property

To catch your potential client’s attention, your photos must be aesthetically pleasing. But what if you can make them establish a connection with the property using 360-degree photography. Invest in such a technology before it is too late. The list below will explain to you how 360-degree photography can change your business in one snap!

Let the picture do the talking.

If you can generate high-quality 360-degree photos, they will be the ones to convince your clients. It is also a way to attract customers. There’s no need for long descriptions; just a fantastic spherical image can do the rest. 360-degree photos are pleasing and exciting to look at, so they will spend more time looking at your website or offers.

Boost customer engagement

It is always fascinating to see something new rather than plain actual photos. With 360-degree photos, customers will get more immersed in it. If they spend more time browsing images on your website, this can boost your search engine ranking. This means you are attracting more traffic to your website.

Shareable and accessible

You can easily share these interactive photos to other popular social media platforms, making them more accessible. In addition, Facebook allows the viewing of 360 pictures. Anyone can view the image every time they want. It can also be accessed anywhere, may it be a smartphone or a computer.

Ahead of the competition

360-degree photography is an innovative approach. While your competitors are busy making videos and open house events, you are innovating and investing in interactive technology. So, when starting to get to know this kind of technology, you are already a hundred steps ahead of them. No time should be wasted, so make your clients experience the property virtually.

Different Equipment Used in Taking 360 Pictures

Knowing the right equipment will help you produce the best and high-quality 360-degree photos. Here are the different 360 photography equipment you might be needing to take those fantastic 360 images. The price range depends on the quality and brand; however, the choice still depends on you. The list goes on below; continue reading.


A DSLR camera sounds so expensive; nonetheless, it does not need to be; it just needs to be compatible with your lenses. The camera should also have a bracketing option to take three photos at once with different exposure settings. It would also be best to control camera settings to get the most out of it. However, just make sure it is compatible with your lenses, bracketing option, and self-timer or app remote control.

Fisheye lenses

Fisheye or wide-angle lens lets you take the most expansive shot. Remember that investing in lenses is a must since it determines the quality of your photo. If you are, however, tight on a budget, you can purchase a Samyang 7.5mm fisheye lens, but if you are aiming for more defined results, you can get a Nikon 10.55mm fish lens for Nikon cameras or Samyang 12mm for Canon cameras.


360 Panoramic photography must be straight and uniform; you will need a tripod to do that properly. Keeping the camera in the exact location as you shoot is required. When it comes to tripod choices, it must be as high as a person’s average height, and it must be compatible with your panoramic tripod head. An example of a good tripod is the Benro A1980T Tripod. It is also suggested to go for metal made tripods instead of plastic made because metals are heavier, providing more stability.

Panoramic Head for Tripod

You might not be familiar with this, but this makes virtual reality tours possible. This is attached at the top of the tripod to hold your camera in place, and then it will spin around, creating your panoramic shots. You have two options for your panoramic head- manual and automatic. The price depends on the quality and if it is automatic or manual.

Remote Shutter Trigger

This is the most affordable equipment you can get, but it is beneficial and convenient. A remote shutter release eliminates the mistake of shaking when you manually click the shutter button; it ensures a crisp and sharp image for its wireless connectivity.

Tips to Remember When Getting into 360 Photography

Here are the tips you should remember when indulging yourself in 360-degree photography. These aren’t hard to keep in mind, but these tips will help you with your photography.

Removing moving objects

It is necessary to remove moving objects as they can result in stitching errors, or they will appear like ghosts. If this happens, one of the most effective post-processing techniques is to manually erase it using Photoshop. Nonetheless, if you can get any moving objects out of the way, that would be best.

Avoid getting too near to objects.

This can also result in stitching errors, so make sure to avoid getting too close to objects. If the camera is too close to an object, the outcome may be distorted. If you want to make an object look bigger, it would be best to take the shot from the corner.

Avoid patterns and sun.

This could also result in stitching errors as it is difficult for some patterns or lines to meet. For the sun, factors like shadows can affect the photos. It would be best if there is no shadow appearing in the image.

Save the photos in raw format.

Please note that this image format is larger than JPEG, so prepare your memory cards. However, it has better results because the photos are not compressed. You can load images of this format in Photoshop or Lightroom for your post-processing stage. And with the help of these programs, you will be able to export the RAW format to DNG, but the quality stays high.

Contain the same exposure

It would be best to manually arrange your camera settings because an automatically set exposure may result in different levels of exposure. DSLR cameras have a manual option, where you can set the aperture and shutter speed.

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