7 Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours for Your Real Estate Business

As the world keeps evolving, interactive technology keeps innovating, and the real estate industry is one of the industries to take advantage of that. Real estate websites have different marketing approaches. One of the most effective real estate marketing strategies is to generate a virtual tour to make prospective buyers’ house experience complete without actually having to go there.

A 360-degree VR tour may not imitate the exact feeling of being present in the property, but it helps deepen the client’s sense of connection. You can continue reading to understand a 360-degree virtual tour and its benefits.

What is a 360° Virtual Tour?

A 360 Virtual Tour refers to a collection of 360-degree, high-resolution panoramic images which, when pieced together, form a 360-degree view of a site or property. This process makes use of innovative cameras, methods, and technology to make site viewing a more visual and engaging experience for your audience.

Aside from that, text, music, sound effects, or narration can be added to create a more engaging experience. It is highly accessible since virtual tours keep progressing, and various industries like real estate and tourism have benefited.

Different Benefits of 3D VR Real Estate Tours for Your Business

With this new technology, virtual house tours have become more common, allowing the viewers to navigate the area or scene.

Increased sales

You can expect that your business will be boosted with the help of 360-degree virtual tours since they give a different kind of approach when it comes to property tours. In addition, clients will get to see a more detailed view of the property they wish to buy.


360-degree virtual tours can change your life as a real estate agent as they can save you more time when it comes to showcasing your property to your clients. With this technology, customers can still experience the property without having to actually go there; they can click the bedroom or room they want to get a 3D view of. As an agent, you won’t have to spend time at an open house.

Moreover, VR tours can also be used in viewing properties in rural areas or abroad. Clients and agents won’t have to go beyond miles to view the property because one VR tour can solve that.

Increased site traffic

Other than being time-friendly, a VR tour can generate higher web traffic because it is more fascinating to look at than plain images and texts and keeps your audience engaged for longer. In addition, it also helps potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that property. To gain more buyer traffic, it is recommended to create more interactive tools. For example, a mortgage calculator which they can use to calculate how much they will be spending. This can urge clients to seal the deal.

Highly accessible

Physical property visits can be too time demanding; however, with a VR tour, even if the buyer lives across the country, he can still access the viewing. As an agent, you must present the properties in the most convenient yet pleasing way. But how would you do that if your client lives far away? Then, a VR tour is the answer. With this technology, you can still showcase the property to your client even at home, sitting. Your clients will still get the feeling of being there because of its 360-degree virtual technology.

Different experience

A VR tour gives the client a different yet convincing experience, thus giving the client an instant sense of ownership. The client can wander around the property independently. Therefore, a personal connection is developed. Especially if your virtual tour has different interaction features, like a haptic technology that simulates the feeling of touch; thus, they will feel more connected to the property. Also, mortgage calculators could be added, or IDX search functions could be used to conduct solo research.

Permanent open house

When it comes to real estate marketing, it is essential to conduct open house events. Open house events require more effort – staging, working onsite, contact information, and scheduling. But with virtual tours, the tour will be digitised and can be displayed depending on your choice. In addition to that, it will be more accessible to other users, and you can also obtain feedback from it.


Virtual tours are incredibly versatile since you can incorporate them into different materials like open house notifications or marketing emails. It may not completely replace physical property viewings, but it can be an innovative solution to some, not ready properties for move-in. It helps the buyers to imagine what their property would look like when it is finished and furnished.

How to Set Up a 3D Real Estate Virtual Tour on Your Property

With a real estate walkthrough or 3D tour, your prospective buyers can digitally tour or navigate around a property. It also gives them a more detailed look at the property; however, with the 3D tour, they are allowed to walk around which room they want. Setting up your own tour is not that difficult! Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Software and equipment

Choosing the right equipment and software must come first. The wrong equipment may hinder a realistic view of your property since it could produce low-quality photos. Prepare a panoramic or 360-degree camera, and then choose a virtual tour software provider. It is also suggested to invest in tripods with a panoramic mount to produce more seamless photos.

Step 2: Planning

Plan which features you want to highlight thoroughly as they can be the main reason you seal the deal with a client. Look into each room, and plan where you will put your camera. The camera location should capture the highlight features of each room and every detail of the room.

Step 3: Staging

If you are already set on where you will put your camera, make sure to prepare the room. Stage the room properly by cleaning it or removing anything that is in the way of the lens. It is your responsibility to make each room perfect. Less is more!

Step 4: Leveling the tripod

Make sure that lines and angles in your shots are uniform to make the images appear more precise and more seamless. Usually, there is a built-in level included in the tripod; however, if yours does not have, there is a levelling tool app available to download.

Step 5: Testing

Taking test shots is necessary since you can retake a look at the room. This also allows you to make some adjustments, like lighting if the room looks dark or relocating the camera if something is distracting in the shot.

Also, it is not recommended to place the camera where their reflection can be seen.

Step 6: Take the photos

Have you adjusted all the camera settings that are needed? No more things disrupting the shot? Your camera perfectly placed? If your answers are yes, then you can now proceed to take the pictures. Make sure to check each image first before moving forward to the next spot. Also, take as many shots as you can so you will have more choices.

Step 7: Create your virtual tour

If you are done checking all the images, you can now create your virtual tour. The first step is uploading all the photos to the software, and the software will do the remaining job. You can also add extra features to build up a more realistic experience for your viewers. Features like audio description, music, or text.

Make sure to choose the software carefully because the features available differ depending on the software you use.

Why should I invest in a Real Estate 360° Virtual Tour for my property listings?

Floor plans and video tours are standard on most real estate websites. However, virtual house tours are more appreciated by potential buyers. Investing in a virtual tour can make your real estate listing available anytime, whether or not you are available to showcase it. It can still build a sense of connection towards the potential clients, resulting in an excellent level of service. In addition, as an agent, you will also get to save more time. A virtual tour can serve as the first wave of the tour. If a potential client dislikes the house, you won’t have to physically tour them on the property. Create a wow effect!

Moreover, with a 360-degree virtual tour, you can provide more details to your clients. It also gives a chance for people to navigate at their own pace, resulting in a more understanding of the property layout.

Tips When Deciding to Use Virtual 3D Real Estate for Your Business

Here are different tips you should consider when you want to generate a virtual 3D tour for your property:

Make the property camera-worthy

Prepare the property beforehand to make it appear more attractive to your clients. This will also allow your clients to see more details. The cleaner the property, the more apparent it will look.

Know the specialists

There are respective specialists for each marketing approach. When you hire someone for this project, it is guaranteed that the virtual tour will turn out in high quality. You will need artists or photographers for this.

Think 3D Virtual Tours suit your Real Estate business? Try it out with Viewtech3D

Viewtech3D is your creative and innovative partner when it comes to 3D solutions. We provide different 3D services that are suitable for your digital problem. Visit our website and view our other virtual tours to get to know us. Contact us now if you’re ready to upscale your marketing strategy using our real estate virtual tour services!

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