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Strategic Digital Twin in Canberra, ACT

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What is Digital Twin?

Digital twin is the digitising of assets in the Oil and Gas / Mining Industry using sensors and cloud technologies. This has had a significant impact on equipment reliability, maintenance scheduling, workforce productivity and safety. In addition, the digital twin is transforming operations by delivering real-time data that can be analysed to improve operational efficiencies, such as lowering costs per barrel or reducing downtime for an asset. 


Designers and engineers often work with original design information and 3D models of the asset, leading to errors during installation. Viewtech3D provides a solution to this problem. By using cutting edge technologies,  we can capture accurate data by using high-resolution imagery of our client’s assets to provide them with up-to-date building blueprints or other valuable tools that will help avoid any future problems.

When to use Digital Twin

A digital twin is a powerful tool that can be used for multiple uses once data collection and analysis begins. For example, digital twins allow companies to understand their products better, diagnose issues before they happen, streamline product development processes, increase machine reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. The possibilities are endless with this type of technology, and it’s easier than ever now to use one in your business, especially if you’re in the oil and gas or mining industry.

Why Choose Viewtech3D For Digital Twin Projects in Canberra, ACT

Viewtech3D is a company that specialises in capturing digital twin models for businesses, and we have the perfect team to do it. We have a pool of 3D scanning and modelling experts who can create a lifelike digital version of any assets with no limits on size or complexity. In addition, our 360/VR technology and innovative solutions are designed to improve the efficiency of your organisation while also improving communication.


Canberra’s Pick for Digital Twinning

Viewtech3D is Australia’s pick for Digital Twin deliverables. We’re a digital services company specialising in designing and implementing Industrial 3D virtual information dashboards to help companies improve business operations by creating realistic representations of assets, processes, or scenarios. Our main goal is to help Australian enterprises become more profitable through innovative technology solutions.


Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call or coffee with us to discuss your business needs and how Viewtech3D can help.


Project Scoping

The Viewtech3D team will collate all the information from you and custom design a solution for your business needs. A quote will be provided, and after acceptance, we will begin our strategy session.


Strategy Session

After taking full consideration of both your project’s needs and our team’s resources, Viewtech3D carefully plans every step of the creative process from start to finish.


Contact Viewtech3D today.

If you want a 3D model of your company’s current state, contact us today. Viewtech3D can help create a digital twin that will not only be an accurate representation of the physical environment but also have all the data and assets needed to simulate how it would look in different situations. Contact us today at 1300-843-983 or schedule a meeting with us if this sounds like something that would work well with your business needs.

Local Information About Canberra, ACT

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