Virtual Reality is Trending in Real Estate

Ask just about anyone about their property search these days, and they’ll tell you that they started online. As of 2017, 95% of buyers used online tools to search for a new home, with 51% finding that dream home on the internet. Not only does the internet allow users to cast a wider net for their next perfect property, but new tools are gaining traction in the marketplace that speed up the home-buying process for both buyers and agents.

Augmented and Virtual reality home tours are revolutionizing the home buying experience. In a recent article by Forbes, John Mazur of Homesnap explained, “…VR/AR is going to change the game here and allow potential buyers to “experience a home” at another level and better filter out homes they do/don’t like, saving agents time.” While Virtual Reality won’t replace home opens and in-person inspections, this technology can help potential buyers identify properties that will and won’t work for them without committing to scheduling time off of work, or hours spent in traffic.

While cutting down on wasted time in viewings, virtual reality tours can increase the amount of time that potential buyers are spending looking at each listing. has found that users spend 52% longer on average looking at listings that include a virtual tour.

At Viewtech3D, we use Matterport cameras to provide you with top quality virtual tours that are accessible world-wide. In addition to a listing with photos, early adopters to this technology stand out from the crowd and attract high end clients, as well as those from overseas who want more transparency before planning their move.

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