Virtual Staging a Home Can a Home Can Increase Its Sale Price by 6%

Have you ever walked into a home showing and been taken aback by dated furniture, clutter, or “interesting” paint color choices?  While a home might reflect the taste of the owner, when it’s on the market, the key is to appeal to a new buyer. One of the easiest ways to do this is to stage a home.  The Real Estate Staging Association conducted a study and found conclusively that a staged home sells faster than an un-staged home. However, most people don’t want to go through the hassle of arranging painters, and furniture rentals for indefinite lengths of time. So what’s a savvy seller to do?

Virtual staging is a cost effective alternative to physical staging, and provides all of the same benefits with none of the drawbacks.

90% of buyers begin their home search online, and the first impression that they get is from the photos that you or your agent has posted.  With virtual staging, you don’t have to worry about how to rearrange your clutter, or where to store your existing furniture for a stunning first impression. With our team’s background in real estate, we know how to appeal to buyers.  We have the technical know-how to virtually erase existing furniture, change paint colors, and provide prospective buyers with a realistic and lifelike image of what an existing space has the potential to become.

For existing empty spaces, staging is essential.  Bedrooms tend to look smaller without furniture, and buyers might ask what could fit into the room before it begins to feel cramped.  By providing these prospects with a visual, they can see the potential that the empty space holds. Staging empty spaces can require a great deal of furniture because there are no existing pieces to be used.  Virtual staging eliminates that hassle and cost. Virtual staging is especially useful for making an empty space feel more high end and place your property competitively in the market.

Knowing that staging can increase the speed with which a property sells and the fact that  Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. found that staged homes sold for 6% over asking price begs the question; why wouldn’t you stage your home? Book a consultation with us today to talk about the practical, convenient, and cost effective solution of virtual staging.

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